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Strike Me Silly Dr Proctor Sask Film Pool / Brett Carson Bell

Phobus (short) Mr No-name University of Regina Film Dept / Don Campbell

Cinderella Man Mike’s Henchman Universal / Ron Howard


Cracked Security Guard White Pine Pictures, CBC / Bruce McDonald
Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All Contestant Boxing Cats Productions / Wayne Moss

John A: Birth of a Country Visc. Monck’s secretary Indian Grove Productions, CBC / Jerry Ciccoritti

J! Tournament of Champions 2007 Finalist Sony Pictures Studios / Kevin McCarthy

JEOPARDY! Self (4 games) Sony Pictures Studios / Kevin McCarthy

The Pentagon Papers Reporter Paramount Television / Rod Holcombe

The Path to 9/11 WTC Worker Marc Platt Productions (ABC) /David L Cunningham

ReGenesis Patient Shaftesbury Films / Ron Murphy

DC 9/11: Time of Crisis Pentagon Agent Showtime / Brian Trenchard-Smith

Street Time Parent Columbia TriStar / Marc Levin

Frankenstein Henry Cable Regina / Don Campbell

Nineteen Eighty-Four Syme Cable Regina / Don Campbell


“Itch” CBC Saskatchewan / Wayne Schmalz
HOST: Nights on Broadway, Pick of the Flicks, Big Band Saturday Night (CKIT-FM Regina)



Milky Way, national US Innumerable, as writer, voicer, producer, jingle-writer

Halls Mentho-Lyptus, worldwide distribution (except Canada)

Sask Egg Marketing Board    
Saskatchewan Government Insurance


ENERGIZER “Safety First”  CD-ROM All voices Microforum, Inc, Toronto, 1997


A Chorus of Disapproval Jarvis Huntley-Pike Amicus Productions / Michael Hiller

God God Cabbagetown Theatre Co / Mark Latter 

The Volstead Blues Fast Phil Harper Estevan Summer Theatre / Randy Apostle

The Trial of Louis Riel 12 parts, 5 seasons Regina Chamber of Commerce / Hilda Allen

The School for Scandal Benjamin Backbite Regina Little Theatre / Rick Harvey

The Lion in Winter Prince John Regina Little Theatre / Marion Lee

Beyond the Fringe ‘86 & ‘90 Various, also co-director Regina Summer Stage

The Honourable Thing Erwin Meese, etc SRO Productions / Scott Lamberton

Auntie Mame Dwight Babcock Regina Little Theatre / Hilda Allen

Crimes of the Heart Barnett Lloyd Regina Little Theatre / Hilda Allen

Harvey Dr Chumley Regina Summer Stage / David Allen

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday Paul Regina Little Theatre / Harvey Linnen

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom Salazar/Oatsie Regina LIttle Theatre / Barbara Jordan


BA (music), University of Regina 1984 Improv - Celebrations Dinner Theatre 1985-87

Voice/animation workshop - Jesse Thomson 1997 Commercial voice workshop - Stewart Horsley 2001


Large number of character voices & can invent new ones quickly; also many UK & US dialects and foreign accents

Singing voice: tenor to baritone Driving: automatic & standard Trivia whiz (JEOPARDY! T.O.C. 2007)

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